Your worth it!



If you know me in real life you know I love a women’s conference!
My first was when I was 15, I went to an International Womens Day conference with local business ladies and I just sat in awe knowing that I wanted to be just like them one day. Fast forward 15 years and I’m still at it, this year I travelled to Texas for one, that how into it I am!

The one common theme that always seems to come up when your around women be it a conference or just a get together is self worth. Which usually stems back to childhood/early teens where someone told you that you weren’t enough. Wether that be thin enough, clever enough, pretty enough, rich enough. We could recieve 20 compliments a day but still we’ll remember that 1 time in PE 15 years ago when everyone laughed at you. Our brains automatically looks for the negative.

When I created The Cool Calm Collection I made a vision board. My customer was very similar to me. She was 20-35 years old, making the early endeavours into the workforce, loved simple and stylish accessories and monograms made her heart happy! I was then thinking if this girl lets call her Penelope. If Penelope was similar to me then she would probably be a lover of a insporational word/quote that kicks you right in the butt and let’s the world know just what you are about! And so the empowering tote bag range was born.

I would say I’m a very confident person, I have no trouble with walking into a room full of strangers, I’m a lover of public speaking ( I know weird!) But as a business owner I have had my struggles, am I charging enough? Will poeple read that? Do people care who I am or do they just want a bag? Not to mention just how dam lonely it is sometimes!

So I am here today to tell you whether you are running an empower or raising babies. You are so worth it. You are worth more than the price tag on your clothes. You are intelligent, uniquley talented, you are worthy of love and respect and girl if you have people in your life tellin’ you differently then get them gone! Make time for yourself, stand up for your self and make sure your voice is heard.

Life is to short to be holding yourself back because some by stander once made a crappy comment. Thats on them, not you.
Go out and live your best life and as L’Oreal say it’s ‘because your worth it!’

Prue x