About Us

Hello lovely,

So great to see you here!

I created The Cool Calm Collection when I was looking for personalised bags for myself but couldn’t find anything that was affordable and also looked great!

The Cool Calm Collection is full of peices that make my heart happy!
My main aim is for women to own who they are and unapoligetically live their best lives. Wether that be carrying a personalised hand bag or one of our power word totes to remind them that they’ve got this.

Home style is one of my loves and nothing makes he happier than creating a beautiful personalised spaces that reflects your personality. Gift giving is also one of my favourite things to do but for me they should always be two things, personalised and practical!

Everything is created with love in our workshop and studio in Sheffield.
If you have any questions or have ideas for a custom order please get in touch.
We love making your visions a reality!

Prue x