The lovely Alex over at @my6monthlifeproject has shared with us her Power Word ‘Believe’ and what it means to her.

Alex has a really fun instagram full of inspiration to keep going while she is on a 6 month mission to in her words, sort her life out! She is fun and fabulous and you should go follow along on the ride!


‘When I thought about my ‘power word’ it was hard to pick one – mini affirmations that I swear by and are with me through every day. I chose ‘Believe’ for two reasons:

  1. I have a great sense of belief that what is meant is meant – it gives me a lot of comfort and peace. So when things are tough and it’s seeming like this couldn’t possibly be meant for you – ‘Believe’. Everything happens for a reason.


  1. A reminder to believe in myself! That impossible task? Believe I can do it! That challenging goal I have set? Believe I can do it! Believe I can do anything I want to do. Because I can, if I believe I can.’


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