The lovely Emma over at Little Owl Loves has shared with us what her Power Word Evolve means to her.

Go check out Emma’s blog, it’s beautiful, leafy and green which makes my heart so happy! She has great style, fab adventures and also go check out her YouTube channel.

‘I’m not gonna lie, when Prue asked me what my ‘power word’ was it took me a while to think of one. But I think ‘Evolve’ is pretty appropriate (yes I thought of Pokemon a little bit too). Evolve for me is all about personal growth, being proud of how far you’ve come and the journey that your on. As time goes by we learn and become a new and better self. We have to embrace the positive and negative parts of ourselves in order to evolve. 

I love the idea behind @thecoolcalmcollection power totes, they are a great positive gratitude item for ourselves. We have to start being proud of who we are.’ 

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