Today the kick ass Aimee has shared with us her Power Words and what they mean to her.

If you aren’t familiar with Aimee she is a fabulous lady with great style, amazing hair and the coolest mama too two very cool minis. She blogs over at and is just starting a fun new biz hand painting jackets (check them out here you are going to need one!).

She is one hell of a talented lady and certainly one you need to follow!

‘We take for granted the intake of breath and all of its effects and benefits. Breathing Deep isn’t just for those cheesy labour storylines on Friends, it has brought me back to being a level-headed human that cares about her body, her mental health, and her wellbeing.’ 
‘When I was trying to find my power word, I’m not going to lie, I STRUGGLED! I could have chosen something witty or cute but that’s not really me. I swear A LOT but also maybe not very appropriate.  After a tough year last year I knew I needed something that has helped me through bad feeling and sadness and continues to help my day to day thoughts and feelings. ‘
‘That is why I chose ‘Breathe Deep’. I know, how very ‘hippy’, but these two words are so powerful to me I just knew they were the ones.’


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