Growing up in Australia Christmas just never had that feeling that I saw in movies and loved! It never felt festive and I think I was always that child that just seemed a bit underwhelmed with it all. The most exciting part for me was watching the wrapping people at my local shopping center, I always remember wishing I could have that job when I grew up because this girl LOVES a well wrapped pressie!

It was hot, we never had a turkey with the little frilly bits of paper on the legs and it obviously didn’t snow. We mainly spent the day in the car doing the family thing which I suppose is a lot of peoples reality.

Since moving to England Christmas has totally changed for me! I love the Christmas markets, the late night shopping and the whole lead up to it. I’m still not overly bothered about the day but the lead up makes my heart happy! People are friendlier in the streets, their is always the smell of fires on and the Christmas movies just make more sense now that I to am cold at Christmas!

One of my favourite Christmas activities is dressing my house up like Macy’s! I have window vinyls made, mistle toe, wreaths on the doors, things hanging from everywhere and then the biggest tree I can find!  Last year was my first ever real tree and I loved it! We are now converted real tree people!

Last Christmas was all about monochrome and gold. This Christmas we will be in Australia so it all about bright and bold! And that is how the Palm Springs Collection was born. For all you lovers of fun, bright, bold and non traditional Christmas design.

Wether you like a more traditional design but in a bright colour or if dinosaurs and flamingoes are your jam (Me, Me, Me!) we have something to cover all bases!

Check out both the Palm Springs Collection and the Classic Collection online now!


Prue x

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