I am a lover of a Womens Conference. I attended my first Internatioal Womens Day breakfast when I was 15 and I just sat there is awe! I knew then and there that I wanted to be just like these business womens when I grew up! I’m still at it 15 years later, I even attended one in Texas this year!

One common theme that often arises at the events is self worth. It always seem to be the case that someone told you when you were a child/early teen that you weren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and we then choose to carry that lie around with us for life! And because they said it, it must be true!

When I was creating The Cool Calm Collection I made a vision board. On my vision board was Penelope. Penelope was between 25-40, she was making head way into her career and loved giving personalsied/thoughtful gifts. I then realised I was Penelope! And I loved insprational quote/words so if I love it then Penelope would to. Makes sense right!

I am quiet a confident person. I run my own business, have not qualms with walking into a room of strangers and I love public speaking (I know weird right!) But dam running an empire and being a boss lady can get pretty lonely sometimes. Which is why I surround myself with positivity and inspiration be it Pintrest boards, notes on my office wall or engraved bracelets, because sometime those voices of not being worthy can just slowly slowly creep in wehn you least expect it!

So here is the empowering tote bag range. I created it so you can reminded yourself on the daily that you are worthy and send one to a girlfriend to let her know that she inspires you. I hope you love them!

And just incase you need to hear it today- you are enough, you are intelligent, you are uniquley talented, you are beautiful!

And if you don’t believe me, believe L’Oreal ‘because your worth it!’

Prue x


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