Thank you for stopping by the Cool Calm Collection!

So I wanted to introduce myself because we are a freindly little company and I think we should be best friends!

Im Prue, origionally from Australia but moved to England at 18. My then boyfriend now husband had been playing cricket in Australia and the rest is history (he’s a bit of a dream boat!). I moved half way around the world and haven’t looked back!

So a few bits about me-

  • I’m super nosey! I want to know your life story, I want a tour of your house and I want to know what your weekly meal plan is. I just want to know everything and I don’t belive in oversharing, go ahead tell me everything!
  • If sleeping was an Olympic sports I’d win the gold everytime. I’m in bed for 9pm everynight (earlier if I can!)
  • My beagle Prince Louis is my best friend. He’s also our adorable office pup!
  • I need to retire now to get started on all of the craft projects I have on my Pintrest boards!
  • I’m a lover of all things bright, bold and quirky! (Check out our Palm Springs Christmas!)

The Cool Calm Collection makes my heart happy! I love everything personalised, embroidery and print are my jam!

I don’t believe in spending huge amounts of money on gifts I’m much more of a personalised, thoughtful gift kinda gal and that’s what I try to provide here.

So that’s me very quickly, follow along and join the tribe! If you don’t already follow on Facebook and Instagram get on it. I do love an Instagram Story!

Let’s be friends!

Prue x


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